About Us

We operate with diligence, passion and absolute transparency.

Investing Approach

We take an individual, flexible and low-risk approach when it comes to both our own and our investors’ money.

The investment is made in the form of a personal loan*. Investors can receive returns either as regular interest payments or as a lump sum at the end of a project. The loans can be structured in whatever way suits both parties. To ensure her investors’ funds are always protected, Fi herself invests into every project.

Fi’s just as interested in her investors as she is their investment. “I’m building this business with people I consider partners and friends. That way, we can all have a good time together and learn from each other while growing our wealth – win-win all round!”

*All investor’s loans are made against specific deals.

Our Values

Professionalism. We pay attention to the smallest details and make sure we do things right.
Openness. Transparency & honesty are at the heart of all our dealings.
Generosity. We believe in growing through sharing knowledge and experience.
Flexibility. We approach every situation with an adaptable, ‘can do’ attitude.
Relationships. Establishing friendship and trust with our investors is the first step to a fruitful relationship.
Fun. While we work hard, we enjoy each other’s company and truly believe laughter is the best tonic.

Our Credentials