We do it right. Above all, that means protecting our investors’ funds.

Our Values

Professionalism. We pay attention to the smallest details and make sure we do things right.
Openness. Transparency & honesty are at the heart of all our dealings.
Generosity. We believe in growing through sharing knowledge and experience.
Flexibility. We approach every situation with an adaptable, ‘can do’ attitude.
Intimacy. Establishing friendship and trust with our investors is the first step to a fruitful relationship.
Fun. While we work hard, we enjoy each other’s company and truly believe laughter is the best tonic.

Business Conduct

Our fundamental business concern is that our investors’ funds should never be put at risk. As such, Fi ensures that she invests enough of her own money into every project that the personal loans made by investors are always protected.

Fi is a member of both the National Landlords Association and The Property Ombudsman, which obliges her to adhere to a strict code of conduct. Her years of experience at Director and Board level with leading accountancy and legal firms should also give her investors confidence in her ability.

Property investing is largely about co-ordinating multiple streams of activity and ensuring people deliver their part on time and within budget. During my career in the City I became very proficient at conducting teams and delivering complex projects – that’s one of my key strengths. This is why the property business feels such a natural fit and why we are so confident that we can deliver excellent returns on all of our projects.”