Robust, tailored property investments that deliver attractive returns.


How we work

How it works

The team at FWS Properties are constantly sourcing and acquiring new property projects. These vary, but most involve improving or trading blocks of flats, resolving lease or title issues, both for capital gain.
Fi spends time getting to know prospective investors, so that they can see how she conducts her business and investing options can be explored. She looks for relationships that are mutually beneficial, both financially and personally.
If, after getting to know each other, Fi and a prospective investor feel there’s a good fit, a loan can be agreed, according to the amount of capital available and how the investor wants to receive returns.
Investors’ monies are paid over in the form of a personal loan*. Although the loan is not secured, Fi offers a personal guarantee and always partially funds projects herself, so that investors’ funds are not put at risk. *All investor's loans are made against specific deals.
Fi meets with all her advisers on every deal, to examine how each element might impact on the other. By bringing everyone together in this way, the team can ensure the deal is structured in the best possible way, from a funding, tax, resale and legal perspective.
Before purchasing any project or investing any funds, Fi then stress tests all projects to allow for a market downturn and an increase in interest rates from lenders. The money Fi invests herself provides a buffer to cover these contingencies and ensures that investors’ capital is protected at all times.
Most projects are turned around in nine to twelve months. An investor’s loan might be short-term, to get a project started, or on a longer-term basis. By mutual agreement, the loan can be rolled from one project to another.
Investors can receive returns either in the form of regular interest payments, at a higher rate of return than can usually be achieved via more traditional financial investments (savings or bonds, etc.), or the interest can be rolled up and returned together with the original investment capital at the end of the project.

Current Projects

Investment Considerations

There is a lot to consider before an investment is made with FWS Properties, from both sides. We have to be confident that our investors will be a good fit and they need to ensure the investment is right for them.

We view our investment opportunities as low-risk for our investors, because of the degree of due diligence we carry out on every project, our attention to detail and the level of funding that Fi puts in herself to ensure that all investors’ funds are protected.

We operate with complete transparency on every deal and Fi is always happy to speak to an investor’s financial and legal advisers to clarify details of a prospective investment.